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Buy Green Legendary Online We have a delta 8 Gas infused Cali flower that is the best on Earth!

It is not sprayed and it is not kiefed, it is all natural GAS infusion. The quality is impeccable may be the best delta 8 flower on earth!

No solvents. No added terpenes. Bursting with stanky nose! Makes your mouth water!

Are you looking for smokable hemp flower?   Each of our high end delta 8 hemp flower strains is grown using only organic methods to produce safe & sticky buds. Hemp Seed Florida always takes the time to hand-trim & properly cure our buds for optimal flavor & potency.

Buy Green Legendary Online

When you order d8 hemp flower you can expect a refreshing smoking experience with exceptional CBD and terpene profile. Take a few moments to browse all of the hemp strains now available for purchase.

Among the top 10 Delta 8 Brands




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